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Chanteurs, acteurs, présentateurs... What else ?
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If you could invite four people-living or dead- to a dinner party, who would they be?
Agatha Christie
What other foreign languages do you know? Which one(s) do you want to learn?

Oui je parle français, I'm French^^
I can speak English, Arabic and a litlle bit Japanese.
I want to learn Japanese and Korean ;)
30th-Jun-2011 07:21 pm - Aiba ;_;
Bon, jsuis tellement en train de courir partout que j'ai pas trop le temps de me renseigner, mais je suis franchement inquiète pour Aiba.
J'espère qu'il va bien et que Papy Kita ne lui met pas la pression >.<
Et j'espère aussi que les fans seront assez matures pour ne pas stalker sa famille ou ses proches afin de savoir dans quel hôpital il est.. *sigh*
8th-Apr-2011 10:16 pm - YT account
Hello !
Long time no see :)

I made this entry to re-share my fanvids, because my Youtube account was deleted, thanks to Johnny Jimusho :(

You all know about help_japan, ne ?
So, I offered some fanvids, and this post resume the fanvids I did.

Thanks you a lot myxstorie !!! You are the winner \o/
Thanks to the second bidder too, hymnia <3
I hope this entry will help you to choose what you want^^

Johnny's fanvids :

Jin dancing in Arashi song

Gatsby cm Jin, Ohno, Maru, Senga, Aiba

Ohno VS Jin

Jun VS Kame

Nino Gatsby cm

Other fanwork (gifs, icons) : please, check my LJ^^

NB : I did some anime and dramas fanvids, but it's so old, I don't have it anymore. Gomen !
30th-Jan-2010 07:08 pm - Icons and gifs^^
I made some Kat-tun's icons and gifs. It's from QoP fancam
It's very simple, but I love this fancam so much XD
It's very Jin centric, gomen^^ But the quality of the video is not very good so I could'nt screen all members.
Comments are love <3 Please credit me if you take !

Ma Kami, c'est pour toi j'espère que ça te plaira^^ Depuis le temps que je t'avais promis de les faire <3

The fancam is not mine so I can't upload it without permission.
She is Ok^^
You can dl the fancam
Credit for the video : hotkame 
Please, do not upload on streaming sites and credit her !


Junno and Jin





Junno and Koki


Jin, Junno and Koki


Kame and Ueda




7th-Dec-2009 04:23 pm - Nino gatsby cm
Hey ! Long time no see ;p
I made a new Gatsby cm starring Nino... Yes, I really love Gatsby cm XD
Now, I know that Nino is not a dancer... It was very hard to cut vids when he was dancing !
Hope you enjoy this^^
Ah, and I create a Twitter account so I want to share it : https://twitter.com/kurarpikt
Jaa ! And comments are love^^

25th-Oct-2009 01:15 am - Jun vs Kame
Hello !
Another battle starring Kame and Matsujun ! Yay \o/
Not really a battle of course^^ I want to show their styles because I think they are similar.
Both do fanservice in the same way... Sexy ? Funny ?
I love Kat-tun and Arashi that's why I like to mix their perf.
As usual, comments are love <3

Edit : link to dl if you want
Please do not reupload it anywhere ! And credit me onegai^^

20th-Aug-2009 02:18 am - Ohno VS Jin
Domo !
I made a new fanvid^^
I like Arashi and Kat-tun and I think Ohno and Jin are the best dancers.
Of course, it's not a real battle but i just want to show you their own style.
Enjoy !
Comments are love <3

Edit : If you want to download, DOUZO !
Please do not reupload it anywhere ! And credit me onegai^^

5th-Aug-2009 01:37 am - Gatsby cm

Do you know SMAP no Kimura Takuya Gatsby's cms?
I really love it so I made Gatsby cms with other Johnny's.
I hope you will like it ^^
Comments are love <3

Akanishi Jin

Ohno Satoshi

Maruyama Ryuhei

Senga Kento

Aiba Masaki

21st-Jan-2009 07:11 pm - JIN FANVID
Hello ^^

Want to share one fanvid I made. Jin is a very good dancer so I decided to show his style^^
The song is one of my favorite Arashi' song.
I love this vid so please enjoy it !
Comments are love <3

Edit : If you want to download... Clic

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